by Omniscient Foe

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released October 19, 2012



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Omniscient Foe Maine

Portland murk-death.

Jan - string defilement
Ben - percussive corpse charming
Thor - throat emissions

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Track Name: Hypersentient Implosive Afterbirth
The roots torn out and burned. excoriated empires' black clouds as votive. rites of the drowned phoenix/embers smothered through aeons. sterile emptiness. abyssal perfection.
Primal void in wake of cluttered streets.
from smoldering life and evaporated seas.
no longer host to flesh and disease.
Track Name: Rat Viscera
steam rising from the vivisection altar. your gods have been fed, but their teeth still chatter for more. plagued blood flows through us. this body is but the first to be burned. pillars fallen, men crushed and leaking. lords shitting their silk pants. deliverance from their swollen, cursed bowels. coffinshit eulogy chanted in the dirt.
Track Name: Red Hole
Red hole exhales progeny, slow writhing of worms under scalp.
birthed in sewage, putrid children of the drain.
cleanse the land with plague and effluence.
reality contorts, a wave of trauma. puddles of mashed meat.
Burrowed inside the dead. Incubating the end.
noxious ascent. tunnels filled with fumes of blood and waste,
septic purge of the human race.
bled earth.